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Optional checkable

checkable? : undefined | false | true

Sets whether the action is a checkable action. QAction: setCheckable

Optional checked

checked? : undefined | false | true

Sets whether the action is checked. QAction: setChecked

Optional enabled

enabled? : undefined | false | true

Sets whether the action is enabled. QAction: setEnabled

Optional font

font? : QFont

Sets a font for the action. QAction: setFont

Optional icon

icon? : QIcon

Sets an icon for the action. QSystemTrayIcon: setIcon

Optional id

id? : undefined | string

Sets the object name (id) of the widget in Qt. Object name can be analogous to id of an element in the web world. Using the objectName of the widget one can reference it in the Qt's stylesheet much like what we do with id in the web world. QWidget: setObjectName

Optional on

on? : Partial‹QActionSignals›

Prop to set the event listener map. See Handlong Events

Optional separator

separator? : undefined | false | true

Sets whether this action will be considered a separator. QAction: setSeparator

Optional shortcut

shortcut? : QKeySequence

Sets the action's primary shortcut key. QAction: setShortcut

Optional shortcutContext

shortcutContext? : ShortcutContext

Sets the context for action's shortcut. QAction: setShortcutContext

Optional text

text? : undefined | string

Sets descriptive text. QAction: setText